It isn’t what you say about yourself that matters; it’s what others say about you. At Desmond & Louis Public Relations, we work hard to harness one of the most powerful third-party endorsement tools available – the media – to bring the right kind of attention to your brand.


Whether you are a start-up, established brand, privately held firm or a government entity, you have a story to tell. We help you tell that story by delivering it to the media in a compelling way that leads to positive coverage consumed by your target audience.


We have a proven track record of delivering value that exceeds the client’s investment multiple times over. From placement in daily newspapers to weekly magazines to TV spots, Desmond & Louis can provide you with coverage people will see, trust, and remember.


Desmond & Louis is a full-service marketing firm that specializes in using the “megaphone of the media” to promote client’s interests. We have the big firm experience and big firm ideas of a large agency, with the added benefit of a boutique agency’s attention to our clients’ needs; the principals and agency founders are involved in every account on a daily basis to ensure customer satisfaction. We are a team of professionals with an established track record in the industry to transform our client’s goals into reality, using proven tactics and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Our team brings a combined 45 years of public relations experience for industries such as real estate, economic development, workforce development, education, aviation, medical and finance. We also have a wealth of experience in delivering messages to the media, in addition to managing world class events for many industry trade associations.

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"We provide services that drive brand awareness for clients in a cost effective way."

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Public Relations

Public Relations

Public relations harnesses the media as a third-party endorsement to carry positive messages to a target audience. Desmond & Louis garners positive press for clients by packaging messages in way that reporters find compelling. By using the media to carry messages we build awareness and credibility.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Desmond & Louis’ relationships and experience help our clients manage their message. Whether it’s coalition building, project advocacy, community outreach or government relations, we aim to build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders.

Event Management

Event Management

Events are considered one of the top strategic marketing and communications tools by companies of all sizes. At Desmond & Louis, we see events as more than a function; we see them as an opportunity to showcase our client through a creative and well-planned process.



A brand is a perception. This is where Desmond & Louis comes in – to help our clients build their brand perception through key messaging and third-party endorsements in the media to protect the reputation of the brand and speak to the target audiences desired by the client.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing

Desmond & Louis creates optimized, original content for clients and strategically places it on the Internet for the purpose of establishing credibility as an expert and creating backlinks to your website that will improve the client’s website search engine ranking.

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Technology has made things easier but not always better. When our founder started in the public relations business PR professionals were literally hand delivering and mailing press releases to reporters.

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When Hiring an Event Manager is Good Business

Events are an integral part of every business. Although they come in many different forms and sizes, knowing how to plan an event will help ensure its success.

An event planner can lift the stress of planning your event and free you up to concentrate on other things. 

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a reporter to get an article published. PR and marketing firms regularly help their clients become published authors in publications read by their target audiences.

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Doing Your Own PR – A Bad Move in Crisis Management

For business owners who strive to maintain low overhead, marketing and PR are often among the first services to get the proverbial budget cut. It’s understandable that entrepreneurs want to save money by taking on tasks they can do themselves, rather than outsourcing them at a cost – but in some cases, doing your own PR can be just as costly.

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Does Social Media Coverage Count in PR?

One question we are occasionally asked is whether social media coverage “counts” when it comes to PR. The answer? It depends. To determine whether any specific social media placement is beneficial to your PR objectives, you need to consider factors such as:

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Forming Successful PR Partnerships

Sometimes, public relations professionals are asked to partner with other marketing and PR entities in order to achieve a specific objective for a client. This may include collaborating on ideas and tasks with:

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How Facebook Reactions Affects Your Brand

It’s been about one month since Facebook launched its Reactions technology, which broadens the way users can react to posts by allowing them to choose from six different emojis. Although the ubiquitous “like” button is still available, users can now also choose from “love,” “laugh,” “wow,” “sad” and “angry.” Here’s what brands need to know about Facebook reactions when it comes to incorporating it into their own social media strategies.

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